Heeeyyy, guuuyyys

*Cracks open door* *Pokes head inside* Sooooo.......I've been gone a hot minute, huh? I apologize. In my defense, I wrote posts pretty much every day. They were awesome and funny and informative. But it doesn't really count if you can't actually get them out, huh?  Where have I been? What have I been doing?  For … Continue reading Heeeyyy, guuuyyys


Me Monday: insert something witty

I feel like I've used that headline before. I could check, but I don't feel like it.  Obviously I've fucked my sleep schedule, as it's currently 1:38 am. It's just one night though; I feel confident I can get back on track. I'd say I'm going to keep this short and sweet, but hahaaaaa, who … Continue reading Me Monday: insert something witty

Spit or Swallow: Hard to Swallow Pills and Realities.

Yeah, I kind of dropped the ball this week, and it was totally my fault. I've been trying to get back into a routine, doing daily tidying of the house, catching up on financial planning and returning emails, etc. Also, I got my records from my previous doctor and there were some things in them … Continue reading Spit or Swallow: Hard to Swallow Pills and Realities.

Me Monday: Take It Back Now, Y’all

I swear, life can be such a Petty Patty sometimes. You know how I just wrote about my sleep and how wonderful it was? Well, last night, I was juuuuust dozing off when the electricity went off. Normally that's not cause for much concern, but after our little dryer fire, I'm a little paranoid. Okay, … Continue reading Me Monday: Take It Back Now, Y’all

Fuck yeah, I’m grateful.

Today is supposed to be my day off, and I've been fighting a migraine all day today (storms are supposed to be rollin' in, so fun times), but I just couldn't let today end without expressing my extreme gratitude.  I'm thankful for those who read my posts for educational purposes or because of interest in … Continue reading Fuck yeah, I’m grateful.

Eating Well Wednesday: It’s fucking food, not rocket science.

I know, I know, yesterday was Treatment Tuesday, and I didn't miss it so much as write in my head, and then didn't write it down. To my credit, the subject I wanted to write on needs some time and dedication so as to be as accurate as possible. I didn't want to try to … Continue reading Eating Well Wednesday: It’s fucking food, not rocket science.